Vijaya Thippavajjula, Project Lead Software Engineering

Vijaya Thippavajjula’s best moment as a professional engineer was when she had her first customer site visit. “It really opened my eyes to how our work is impacting the lives of people. For an engineer, it is important to think ahead and identify the possible problems that might arise so that when they happen, they are easier to be addressed. When you see our products in live settings, it becomes even clearer why that’s so important.” 

Vijaya always had a passion for finding solutions. She has always loved solving puzzles, and she had an interest in math and physics from a young age. “I always liked to tinker with things to understand how they worked. Becoming an engineer was really just a logical consequence!” What does Vijaya appreciate most about working at TK Elevator? For her, it’s working with people who are just as ambitious and curious about technology and the world as she is. “I feel that I can really be myself, and that my colleagues get it when I’m excited about a new idea or discovery.” 

As a project lead on the cloud-based, predictive maintenance solution MAX, Vijaya is working with colleagues from all across the TK Elevator world. “We are bringing together a group of great people that I can absolutely rely on.” 

Vijaya is an expert engineer with years of experience under her belt and is passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience, especially to the younger generation: “It’s important to expose them to technology, science and innovation. I want them to realize what our society needs, what they are good at, what makes them happy and how to acquire the skills and competencies they need for that.”

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