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Careers for experienced professionals at TK Elevator

Elevate your impact

At TK Elevator, progress never stops. Neither in our work nor in our careers. We are committed to pushing our industry forward with great innovation and by improving the smallest details of our products, services and processes. You will profit from an ambitious atmosphere, move our business forward with your ideas, expertise and personality, and find a community of colleagues from around the world. TK Elevator is your place to see your ideas through to fruition and put your experience to work.

Service Technicians 

Do you love both great customer service and the detailed, highly skilled work of a technician? That combines into a perfect service technician! You will be able to put your skills to work in the maintenance of our units, and in testing and inspecting new installations. 

We currently have 1.4 million units under maintenance worldwide, servicing our own products, including some of the most innovative elevators and escalator solutions in the market, and those of other manufacturers. With varying routes and appointments, you will organize your own day and will occasionally be scheduled for on-call shifts. You are our face to the customer, so let your customer-mindset shine!

You will have ample opportunity to broaden your skillset and learn something new all the time, whether you are an apprentice, an experienced professional and or a technician who is looking to take on additional responsibilities as a regional supervisor. 

Safety is essential in our business. With our safety protocols and trainings, and with high-tech tools that make your job safer, you can be sure that we do our utmost to keep you safe. We expect the same commitment to safety from you.

Have a look at our job postings to find out more about our current job offers and get a deeper insight into your tasks and responsibilities as a service technician.

Meet Enrico, Installation Manager in Italy.


A TK Elevator employee is standing next to a screen monitor and talking to another employee on the right side of the picture. On the screen you can see a technical drawing. The following text gives you more information about the field of application of the engineers.


Innovation does not just happen. It is people and their ideas, skills and expertise that bring about innovation. As a TK Elevator engineer, you are part of a global group of highly specialized experts who are instrumental in our research, development, design, modernization and production processes. You are the one who make sure that our products work, are durable and safe, and meet (or even exceed) our customers’ expectations.

You will profit from great teams, an ambitious work environment and – at any stage of your professional career – excellent opportunities to learn and expand your expertise. We work in a fast-paced setting and provide flexibility wherever possible. 

It is the skills of an engineer that keep the world moving. At TK Elevator, you can move beyond. To learn more, check out our engineering jobs.

Meet our engineering colleague Britta, Mechanical Development Engineer on the MULTI team. MULTI is TK Elevator’s first ropeless elevator that moves both horizontally and vertically. 


A TK Elevator technician works at a table in a workshop. She wears protective clothing in the form of goggles and gloves. The following text gives you more information about the field of application in the technical specialist in production.

Operations & Product Specialists

Do you enjoy being in the midst of things and love getting things done? We need that hands-on mentality when we scope, organize and implement our new installations. Getting our technology ready for use is often the most critical aspect in a customer project. With skilled, reliable people like you, we know that every new installation will be a success.

In these roles, you can live your passion for putting the customer first. Our customers rely on us to supply them with safe, perfectly functioning products – and you can turn this promise into reality for them. Whether you work from the office or on-site, the variety in your daily work will be endless, and you will continue to grow your skills, yourself and your career with every single project that you work on.

At TK Elevator, safety always comes first. We have safety protocols and trainings in place and provide you with high-tech tools that make your job safer. We are highly committed to safety and expect that you are, too.

Dive into our job ads to find the right fit for your skills around installations and operations.


A TKE staff member stands next to a large touchscreen and holds the corresponding pen in her hand. She uses the tablet as a presentation pad for her audience and smiles as she presents.

Business Functions

With over 50,000 colleagues in more than 60 countries, TK Elevator is a large, global organization that offers ample opportunity for colleagues with diverse backgrounds. We have a shared passion for urban mobility, but this does not mean that you have to be a technician or engineer to find a fulfilling job in our company. Most important: your mindset. If you are ambitious, a great team player and a relentless forward-thinker, you will fit right in and click with your colleagues immediately. 

You will work for one of the top brands in the industry and collaborate closely with colleagues from all corners of the world. Ongoing training and upskilling are part of our identity; you can rely on career development opportunities and an open and honest atmosphere that rewards great work. TK Elevator is a fast-paced organization, and we challenge you to make us even more agile than we already are. 

Learn more about your job opportunities in areas like strategy, finance, HR, legal, administration and many more. 


Elevators and escalators are no longer the mechanical objects they once were. There is a lot of intelligent technology involved – both in our products and in the way we perform maintenance work and conduct our overall business. For example, our service technicians can order parts from online catalogs and have them automatically shipped to a specific location. And they are aided by smart technology that predicts maintenance cycles and helps them detect system failures. That is why we need skilled, innovative and forward-thinking IT engineers. 

You will work in a team-centric, collaborative environment where your teammates are just as ambitious and creative as you are. In a global company like ours, there are numerous opportunities to apply your expertise. You will also have access to comprehensive training and upskilling wherever you need it to do a great job – in a fair and diverse workplace with plenty of freedom and flexibility to challenge yourself, your colleagues and our status quo. 

Meet Vijaya, Project Lead Software Engineering on our cloud-based, predictive maintenance solution MAX. 

Check out our software engineering job offerings around the world and apply today!


A sales employee sits in a green armchair and points to a laptop while presenting a sales presentation to his counterpart. In the following text, you can learn more about the sales job at TK Elevator.


The elevator and escalator market is growing and there is no end in sight – a perfect situation for sales professionals like you. Whether it is generating leads and selling new installations, or maintaining excellent service to a customer base in your region, you will have the best conditions to be successful. Always with the customers’ and our own success at heart, you find solutions, give answers and uncover untapped business potential. 

With a strong portfolio of innovative products and competitive maintenance offers behind you, you can bring out the best of your ambitious mindset. We work in locally rooted entities with a large, global organization behind us. And we think that is one of the keys to our success.

At TK Elevator, we live an entrepreneurial and team-focused work culture. You will meet like-minded people who are just as eager as you are to make our company even more successful and the lives of our customers even easier. This means increased sales and revenue – and it means that you are playing a big part in guaranteeing a stable and prosperous workplace for your colleagues in all lines of work. 

Apply today for one of our sales or customer service openings around the world


Two TK Elevator employees stand in a workshop and look in one direction. The left employee wears safety glasses and high-visibility vest for visitors, the right employee wears a TK Elevator sweater and safety glasses.

Safety & Health 

Safety always comes first. If you, too, have made this credo the mission of your career, then we cannot wait to meet you for one of our occupational safety & health roles. As a safety professional, we don’t need to tell you why excellent OSH is important. We know that we can count on you, and that a commitment to safety standards comes naturally to you.

At TK Elevator, we have excellent safety protocols and trainings in place. And the more we branch out into new technologies, the better our standards have to become. For you, that means plenty of room for professional development, making a difference in our company and the work and lives of your colleagues. You will collaborate with local teams to ensure compliance while also working in larger, sometimes global corporate structures to help unify our approach across all regions and units. 

You are needed where ambition meets caution to create a safe and effective workplace. Check out our open positions and apply!


A TKE production worker stands at a machine in the plant and looks into the camera. The following text gives you more information about the field of application in production and logistics.

Production & Logistics

We design and build some of the most innovative elevators, escalators, and airport and home solutions in the market. And you could be the one making them. Or you could be the one in charge of shipping them to the installation site. Help our customers move beyond by providing them with the mobility solutions that our fast-moving world needs. Your products will be in some of the most iconic buildings in the world, such as One World Trade Center in New York City or the famous clock tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And they will help move large crowds in airports and shopping malls, or aid people in moving around more easily in their own homes. This is a job with a mission. 

At TK Elevator, you work in reliable teams with great people and can count on the benefits and advantages of a stable global company. We provide a fair and safe workplace. With extensive safety protocols and trainings, and with modern tools that make work easier and safer than ever, you can rely on us to do everything in our power to keep our people safe. We expect the same commitment to safety from you. 

Check out our job opportunities in our job search – no matter whether you are looking for an apprenticeship, a position as an experienced colleague or want to take your career even further and become a regional supervisor.


I am proud to work with such amazing and dedicated people.

Enrico Vanni
Installation Technician,
TK Elevator

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