Seamas Yau, Head of Field Applications Global IT in Hong Kong

Get to know our colleague Seamas Yau and his thought on TK Elevator’s global footprint.

At TK Elevator we are very proud of our global presence. It is just not that our products are experienced and seen everywhere but also our employees live by it. Working with colleagues from around the globe is such a rewarding exposure and Seamas Yau will explain you his perspective.


TK Elevator: Dear Seamas, please tell us a little about yourself, your studies/career and what drove you towards to the elevator industry? 

Seamas: I hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science with first-class honours from Hong Kong University and joined the IT industry right after graduation.  I started my early career as a business analyst and was promoted to project manager.   Continuous professional education is vital for developing a great career in the IT field; hence I completed a Master of Business Administration degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

My exposure to the elevator industry only started after I joined TK Elevator. Initially, I was attracted to TK Elevator provided my previous work experiences in manufacturing companies. However, to my pleasant surprise, I am drawn to the customer-facing aspect of the elevator industry and feel proud of the development of field applications we have achieved over the years. Our work supports the field services at the front end, which directly impacts our business operations. 


TK Elevator: Please describe your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job? 

Seamas: Besides managing the global IT systems for our customer-facing Field organizations as the Head of Field Applications, I am also in the capacity of leading the Asia Pacific IT Operation functionally.   

The autonomy we have in providing technical solutions to meet our business needs is the part that excites me the most about my job. TK Elevator embraces new technologies, methodologies and management thinking where we put them to practical use.  Witnessing the tools develop and thrive over time to meet the changing business needs truly brings great satisfaction and meaning to my work. 


TK Elevator: Why did you choose TK Elevator as your employer?

Seamas: Career development prospects, global organization culture and ample learning opportunities are positive aspects of working at TK Elevator. 

There are structured career development programs that equipped me with different knowledge, experiences and management exposures during my early career at TK Elevator.  I am grateful for the dedicated support of my mentor and dear colleagues who have helped me with my personal and professional growth all these years.  

At TK Elevator, our reach and influence are not bound by geographical location. Many global and regional projects bring together working teams from near and far to share best practices in a diverse and inclusive culture.  Furthermore, TK Elevator has established its internal training organization for technical and professional skills advancement.  The learning opportunities provided by TK Elevator are truly remarkable. 


TK Elevator: TK Elevator is a global company which collaborates across countries. Can you tell us about your experience in this regard at TK Elevator?  

Seamas: I have been leading global projects which involve system deployment worldwide.  In the pre-COVID era, my team often travelled abroad.   Getting to know the colleagues in person while working on the projects side by side was fun which helped us build great relationships to meet the unforeseen challenges.   

Amid the COVID pandemic, global teams quickly adapt to a new way of working remotely.  We use the latest technologies to make sure that the team collaborates effectively. But, of course, more time and effort would be needed to ensure that project communication is smooth, requirements are made clear, and every team member is on the same page.  

Despite countless meetings to discuss the business processes, organization structures, legal requirements, labor union considerations and customer needs, it is incredible to see how the teams ingeniously work together to solve all these hurdles.  We have learned so much about different cultures and how business is done around the world. 


Seamas Yau
Head of Field Applications Global IT in Hong Kong

TK Elevator: Is it important for you to work for a global company? Please explain.  

Seamas: Yes. Working in a global company allows me to widen my career prospect while stretching my professional development.  I have taken various roles in the company, from strategy execution, portfolio management, business analysis to project planning and controlling.  All these valuable experiences have broadened my horizon as a well-rounded leader in the IT profession.  The enriching exposure of best practices sharing and application of tools and processes in a global context is not something local companies can offer.   

Working with colleagues from different countries of diverse nationalities, cultures, and ideas also enables personal growth on a fast track — from interpersonal communication to management skills.  Only sizeable companies with global footprints can provide such a landscape to learn and grow. 


TK Elevator: How would you define a good collaboration across countries?  

Seamas: Good collaboration across countries means the team members are more open-minded about best practices, ideas, and experience sharing.  However, how the job is done in one country may vary from another in view of organizational and cultural differences.  Therefore, active listening and understanding the perspectives of team members are essential. 

Effective collaboration takes place when the team strives for constructive feedback and suggestions.  Even if a task cannot be done in “your way”, team members are willing to take alternatives that yield a better team result. 

Seamas, thank you very much for your time and your insightful answers!

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