Enrico Vanni, Installation Manager

Italy was the first country in Europe to be hit with the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. For the Piedmont region in Northern Italy, it meant that they needed to open their new hospital in Verduno much faster than originally planned, opening up an additional 500 beds for coronavirus patients. “This was our chance to contribute to our community in a very meaningful way,” says Enrico Vanni, installation manager at TK Elevator Italia.

Enrico acted quickly and assembled a team of his most experienced colleagues. Everyone knew what the other was capable of – this was their chance to dismiss the original time schedule and get started right away, condensing the original installation time of three months to just two weeks. The team of nine put 30 elevator units into operation. Nineteen of them, as well as six moving walks, were completely reinstalled.

Twelve of the elevators are equipped with state-of-the-art robotics to meet the special needs of medical treatment and care. The elevators ensure safe, hygienic and time-efficient transport of vital materials and patients within the hospital, and to and from intensive care units. The moving walks make it easier for hospital staff to move patients and ensure a gentle transport.

Enrico’s conclusion: “The Verduno project brought our passion for great customer service and teamwork to a whole new level. I’m extremely proud that we could show this same commitment to our community. It’s moments like this when our work really makes a difference.”

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