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Carmen Arganza González, Area Sales Manager

At TK Elevator we provide many different trainings and upskilling opportunities to cultivate career growth and contribute to our colleagues’ successes. Today we would like to introduce you our colleague Carmen Arganza González, Area Sales Manager for Airport Solutions based in Spain, who believes that “we cannot expect excellence without providing the right tools for your employees to achieve it“.


TK Elevator: Dear Carmen, can you please tell us a little more about yourself, your studies/career and what drove you towards to the elevator industry? 

Carmen: I finished a M.S.c. degree in Mining Engineering and shortly after I started working for TK Elevator and became part of the elevator industry, so to this day I find it crucial to encourage companies to promote hiring of recent graduates. 


TK Elevator: Can you please describe your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job? 

Carmen: I am currently employed as an Area Sales Manager for Europe Africa/Latin America. I feel very excited about my current role, it has given me a certain degree of freedom which allows me to improve my professional skills and also the opportunity to work with airports worldwide. Learning from such different cultures and environments is an experience worth having.


The following are included among the key duties of this role: 

  • Provide after-sales assistance and support to customers. 
  • Contribute towards international business development. 
  • Liaise with branches worldwide to promote our sales portfolio and to set a common strategy to achieve our targets. 


TK Elevator: Why did you choose TK Elevator as your employer?

Carmen: I have always wanted to find a role that combines both technical and management responsibilities. 

TK Elevator, as a manufacturing company, and my role, as sales manager, represent the perfect balance between engineering and management. 

During my professional career, I have been lucky enough to get several promotions within the company. And obviously, career development is vital, especially when you are taking the first steps of your professional path. 

Providing training opportunities to all employees boost their performances and this is the only way to drive the company to a completely new level.

Carmen Arganza Gonzélez
Area Sales Manager

TK Elevator: TK Elevator offers multiple trainings and upskilling opportunities. Can you tell us about your experience at TK Elevator and how these have supported your career growth?  

Carmen: Of course, I have participated in seminaries and courses over the past few years. Most of them were aimed at improving my technical skills and knowledge. As a nominated TK Elevator Talent I am also receiving further trainings and I am also covering a wider spectrum.


TK Elevator: What are the type of trainings, coaching, upskilling opportunities that have helped you the most? Please explain.  

Carmen: Many have helped me, but to name one, last year I got the required training in order to get certified as a Project Management Professional. It is definitely one of the most complete certifications out there and it gave me a whole new perspective in terms of management. 


TK Elevator: Is it important for you to work for a company that offers trainings and guidance? Please explain. 

Carmen: Absolutely, you cannot expect excellence without providing the right tools for your employees to achieve it. 

Training and guidance is clearly one of the most important aspects, if not the most important in that regard. Management plays an important role in the career development of their employees; I encourage every manager to dedicate time to guide and develop the skills of their staff. 


Thank you very much Carmen!

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