Britta Mehring, Mechanical Development Engineer

“I’ve always wanted to understand how everything fits together. What is connected, how does it work and what can be improved? These questions are now part of my everyday work and I have the chance to explore them daily here at TK Elevator,” says Britta Mehring. She is a mechanical development engineer for the MULTI, TK Elevator’s ropeless elevator. Her career began as a working student in the Occupational Safety and Health department and continued with a master’s thesis with the Additive Manufacturing Center. “From the very beginning, I had support from my colleagues and managers in discovering what I’m passionate about and discovering my path.”

Britta wrote her bachelor thesis on augmented and virtual reality with a big automotive company. When the Occupational Safety and Health department at TK Elevator planned a project using this technology, she was offered a working student position to add her experience to the success of the project. This was her first step in the direction that has now lead to Britta working on the MULTI.

“The MULTI is one of our most innovative and fascinating products. It completely revolutionizes the concept of the conventional elevator,” says Britta. For her as an engineer, it is particularly exciting that the product is still in the development phase, allowing her to continue to learn and, at the same time, contribute her own expertise. 

“Our products are amazing to work on. But what also keeps me in the company are the people: I work with colleagues from different parts of the world. We have great diversity and everyone’s experience and expertise are taken seriously. I feel very appreciated and have really found my place here.”

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