Alexsandra Alves de P. Carvalho, Branch Manager in Brazil

At TK Elevator, we provide a trusting and appreciative workplace where we work together to reach our common goals. Transparency and teamwork are embedded elements in our culture and Alexsandra has shared her thoughts with us.

TK Elevator: Please tell us a little about yourself, your studies/career and what drove you towards to the elevator industry?

Alexsandra: I am Alexsandra Alves de P. Carvalho, I was born in São Pedro do Suaçui, a small city in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I´m married and we have a three-year-old son named Joaquim. 

Our family is built on principles of honor and honesty which we consider to be our greatest treasure. I went to public schools, and I was always very participative in all the school´s activities: competitions, campaigns, student´s Olympics and on special presentations on holidays or important dates. I also used to play on the school band. Every time there was a challenge, there I was.   

At that time, I did not know what I wanted to be in the future, but one thing that I was sure of, was that I needed to study, to go to college in order to get better opportunities in life. With that in mind, on October 15th of the year 2000, when I was 20 years old, I decided to move to a bigger city called Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte is the capital city of the State of Minas Gerais. I moved to find new and better opportunities.

In August 2001, my journey began. I started studying Public Relations at Newton Paiva College. In February 2002, one of my classmates took my CV to TK Elevator (ThyssenKrupp Elevator at the time) and on April 2002, I started working as an intern in the customer service sector. Along this period, I specialized in other areas such as finances, business management as well as an unfinished attempt to study mechanical engineering. At the present moment, I am taking a post graduation course on Management. During the last 19 years, working at TK Elevator, I had the chance to work in every single sector of the company in 10 different states of Brazil.  


TK Elevator: Please describe your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job?

Alexsandra: Currently, I´m a manager of a business unit in Ceará which includes three branches, located in different cities: Fortaleza, Natal and Teresina. I´m responsible for all commercial, technical and administrative operations. 

What excites me the most as a leader of my team is to unfold the strategic plan of the company and conduct the actions which will strengthen the guidelines to deliver the best results to our clients and controllers. These results are our commitment.


TK Elevator: Why did you choose TK Elevator as your employer (main reasons, e.g. career development, global player etc.)?

Alexsandra: I consider TK Elevator as gift in my life! Through every step of my career, I was challenged to upgrade myself in order to grow with the company. I believe that the strategic guiding principles and the chance to be a major player in this cultural transformation are of great importance to me.


TK Elevator: How would you define good teamwork?

Alexsandra: I believe a great teamwork depends on availability, collaborative mindset and on the vison of the whole rather than individuals.  A collaborative purpose is transformational and empowering. When we put all these values together, it becomes easier to tackle the facts and to apply good strategies to contribute for a better management.  It is necessary to have a holistic view in order to have success in teamwork and consequently in the company.


Alexsandra Alves de P. Carvalho
Branch Manager in Brazil

TK Elevator: TK Elevator is a company that fosters transparency and teamwork. Can you tell us about your experience in this regard at TK Elevator?

Alexsandra: I have always believed and worked with collaborative management and inclusion, and in the present scenario even more. We are a new brand now! We maintain the values of experience adding new strategic guidelines to lead as an independent company in this new world scenario. With all the changes we went through, the first step was to align the communication related to the new perspectives of transparency with the staff. Determining where we were and where we are heading. With that in mind, a  workshop on Operational Excellency was held with the presence of the whole staff. 100% of our staff was present to be presented to the pillars of the strategic planning of our BU, as well as to the 14 principles of Operational Excellency.

The next step was to develop as a group, a Deployment Business Plan for our unit. This included details of our goals and description of all our projects which will help us achieve those goals. We also meet every month to revisit all the projects and check their development.  In addition to this, we have daily managing meetings which contribute to a high-performance culture, goal achievement and professional recognition.

We also use a tool called “Connection: People and management”. It is a moment that takes place once a month to present all the company´s news, to the whole staff. We have been very successful with these moments: the meetings for results and project follow ups promote development among the team. The teams take charge of the projects which contributes to enhancing the feeling of belonging in them. Professionals gain visibility and empowerment. The goals are clear and open to everyone, making the working environment more positive with  great results for the team and the company.


TK Elevator: Are transparency & teamwork essential qualities at the workplace for you? Please explain.

Alexsandra: Yes. The world has been demanding from companies and professionals quicker responses and I believe that in order to gain competitive agility in the market, it is necessary to develop a relationship based on trust. I also believe trust is gained through transparency, and respect, led by teamwork. This synergy adds value to the process, product, clients and professionals, generating great results. With transparency and teamwork, the working environment is transformational.


TK Elevator: Any further remarks/comments you would like to share with us regarding the topic “transparency & teamwork” at TK Elevator?

Alexsandra: I´m very happy to be part of this new business scenario, and the transformation that is being constructed. To watch a new identity being born with values based on people is amazing. It echoes in my heart, because it relates with all I believe to be valuable in management. I´m committed to the strategic guideline of the company and I will conduct my team with transparency aiming to the positive transformations we will achieve. 


Alexsandra, thank you very much!

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