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Sophie Glass, Global Expert Recruiting Solutions & Processes

Being innovative at the workplace benefits both the employee and the employer. Sophie Glass explains her thoughts on this and how TK Elevator keeps moving and innovating itself as a modern workplace from her experience in the new HQ in Düsseldorf.


TK Elevator: Please tell us a little about yourself,  your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job?

Sophie: I studied International Human Resource Management at Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede, The Netherlands. I started working as a Project Manager in HR in 2018. Since July 2020 I am working as Recruiting Solutions & Processes Expert at TK Elevator. In my role I’m responsible for our global recruiting systems and the TK Elevator career site. I love exploring new trends in the job market, exchanging new ideas and best practices with our global recruiting community.  


TK Elevator: Why did you choose TK Elevator as your employer?

Sophie: Soon after my studies I knew that I wanted to work in a global, fast-faced and innovative company. TK Elevator ticks all this boxes for sure, which is why I am so happy to work here! At TK Elevator I am allowed to try new things and to be creative which is just part of who I am.


TK Elevator: TK Elevator keeps moving and innovating itself as a modern workplace. Can you tell us about your experience in this regard at TK Elevator? 

Sophie: Working together with HR IT, I see TK Elevator innovating itself every day. Seeing how ideas from our recruiting community are put into practice and how we cooperate among functions globally makes me very proud. I love seeing how ideas grow into changes and changes evolve into improvements for daily work. 

Looking at the past years, the global pandemic forced us to learn and adjust ourselves to new ways of working. From my experience, I can say that TK Elevator introduced very fast new ways of working and the tools needed for it.

Additionally, our new global headquarter in Düsseldorf opened recently and is the perfect example of an innovative workplace to try out new ways of working. From the last months at the new HQ, I could already experience the different working areas which allow you to work in the environment which suits your current needs best: with a team, individually or running a workshop. The modern communication technology installed in the building allows you to run hybrid meetings as efficient as face-to face meetings, which makes life very easy when connecting with colleagues in different locations. Also, the different room concepts, including a family room for colleagues who need to bring their child to work due to any unexpected situation or the showers and changing rooms in case you want to practice some sport during the lunch break, allow you completely to balance professional and private life.

We live in a world that keeps changing very fast and obviously this also applies to the way we work. Working for a company that keeps this in mind and also keeps thriving into this direction is essential.

Sophie Glass
Global Expert Recruiting Solutions & Processes

TK Elevator: Is it important for you to work for a company that wants to keep moving towards innovation at the workplace? Please explain. 

Sophie: Definitely. We live in a world that keeps changing very fast and obviously this also applies to the way we work. Therefore, working for a company that keeps this in mind and also keeps thriving into this direction is essential. Also, as an Expert in Recruiting Solutions I truly believe that TK Elevator as an employer needs to constantly keep up with the newest trends and adjust to what makes sense for us and for our employees.


TK Elevator: How do innovation and a modern workplace support your job? 

Sophie: In my position I have to connect with our recruiting community across the globe. Without our modern and consolidated ways of communication that would be a big challenge. Now I can easily run workshops and have a constant communication with our employees in China, the USA or Chile from our office in Düsseldorf or even from home. I can stay on track in this fast changing environment and react to new situations very easily.

At TK Elevator I also experienced an established and very open mindset towards new innovations. I suppose if you work so much with changing and further developing technology it requires you to install and approve a flexible infrastructure to go with these changes.

Thank you very much Sophie for your thoughts on the modern workplace.

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