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Are you the one? Check out what our colleagues have to say about TK Elevator

Robin Ristl, Modernization Technician in Germany

Safety in the workplace is a top priority at TK Elevator, and it is firmly rooted in our identity. Robin’s daily work involves living this principle by example. Read more about what Robin’s work and his experience.


TK Elevator: Tell us a little about yourself, what you studied, your career, and what brought you to the elevator industry?

Robin: I worked for a small elevator company for three months after finishing my training to become an automotive mechatronics technician at 19. I quickly realized that this was my calling. After completing my basic military service, I started an apprenticeship to become an elevator installation technician at the company in January 2010. Fascinated by technology, I began my master electrician program, specializing in building and power engineering, after I’d finished my apprenticeship. In August 2018, I was awarded the title of master electrician. Since 1 July 2018 I’ve been part of the team at TK Elevator that modernizes and sets up elevators.


TK Elevator: Describe your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job?

Robin: My job is to get elevators up and running after they’ve been fully or partially modernized.

The most exciting part of my job is getting to know new technology every day and solving the problems that come with this. 


TK Elevator: What made you choose TK Elevator?

Robin: TK Elevator makes safe, long-lasting products that are established on the market. That’s what made me choose to come and work for the company.


No job is so important or so urgent that it can’t be done safely!

Robin Ristl
Modernization Technician in Germany

“Keep our people safe” is firmly rooted in TK Elevator’s identity. What does it mean to you?

Robin: For me, being a safety officer means delivering high-quality results and performing my work with my colleagues safely every day.


TK Elevator: Safety in the workplace is one of our top priorities. Can you share some of your experiences at TK Elevator​​​​​​​ in this regard? How do you live it?

Robin: TK Elevator gives me the time and space I need to work safely every day.

Safety in the workplace begins when you head out to work and ends when you arrive back at home after a day on the job.  As a safety officer, I always try to set an example and make sure that I follow all the safety regulations.


TK Elevator: What do you do in your job to contribute to workplace safety? Please explain.

Robin: I contribute to occupational safety every day by wearing my personal protection equipment and encouraging my colleagues to do the same.


TK Elevator: Is there any last thing that you would like to say about “safety in the workplace” at TK Elevator​​​​​​​?

Robin: No job is so important or so urgent that it can’t be done safely!


Thank you very much Robin and keep setting an example for others to follow!

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