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Cori Johnson, Electrical Engineer II – Product Optimization

Ambition and willingness to take on responsibilities will help your growth. Here at TK Elevator we share and support your readiness and enthusiasm. Cori, from our business in USA shares his thoughts on this.

TK Elevator: Please tell us a little about yourself, your studies/career and what drove you towards to the elevator industry?

Cori: I’m a Electrical Engineer in the Product Optimization Department at Atlanta IQC. In 2012, I graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University (currently known as Kennesaw State University) with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering studies. I have over 8 years of Electrical Controls design experience in the construction, automotive, sneaker apparel, and carpet industries.

I’ve spent over 6 months in the German State of Bavaria (Ansbach, Germany) on a business assignment which was quite rewarding. I’m originally from Albany, GA, but have lived in metro Atlanta since 2000 (except for 2 year work relocation to Dallas, TX.) My initial interest in the elevator industry is best described as a blend of childhood admiration of architecture, automation experience, and desire for safe environments. I enjoy bicycle riding, basketball, science, and family/sporting events. I’m excited to join and contribute to the TK Elevator engineering vision. 

TK Elevator: Please describe your position at TK Elevator and what excites you most about your job?

Cori: As an Electrical Engineer of the TK Elevator’s Product Optimization Department, I enjoy performing test on different electrical components from various manufacturers to evaluate cost, fit, form, and functionality. My overall understanding of the many systems grow with each product evaluation from individual electronic relays to overall system Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). I enjoy personally ranking each product and providing improvement ideas to my colleagues!

TK Elevator: Why did you choose TK Elevator​​​​​​​ as your employer (main reasons, e.g. career development, global player etc.)?

Cori: It was very excited when I learned of TK Elevator’s state of the art Headquarter relocation to Atlanta metro area, and the job opportunities as a result. I’ve recognized TK Elevator (formerly ThyssenKrupp) elevator systems at hotels all over the world. My desire to join TK Elevator is due to my blended understanding of electrical building design and manufacturing experience which I felt could contribute to an already established team.

It feels like the perfect match!

TK Elevator: How would you define career growth? How important is it for you? 

Cori: I define career growth as a result of hard-work and consistency that results in higher job status based on positive outcomes and/or education which benefits the company. Individual career growth is very important to me since it embodies company core values to other employees. Employees can drive their career growth by having willingness to take on responsibilities.

Employees can drive their career growth by having willingness to take on responsibilities.

Cori Johnson
Electrical Engineer II – Product Optimization

TK Elevator: Can you tell us about your personal experience in this regard at TK Elevator? How did TK Elevator support your willingness to take on new responsibilities? 

Cori: At TK Elevator, the safety department is looking for some new ideas in various areas, and I plan to assist in the electrical area. I’m in the process of identifying what innovative topics currently exist for improving safety and cost-down at TK Elevator. The environment seems receptive to the best practice concepts that I’ve shared which are standard in other industries. This maybe an opportunity for growth in the future.

TK Elevator: Is it important for you to work for a company that supports career growth? Please explain. 

Cori: As a methodical hard worker with an open mind, it is important for me to work for a company that supports career growth. My extraordinary effort comes naturally, and no responsibility is too big or too small for attention to detail. Every day, I’m naturally motivated to show-up ready to conduct business properly and see projects through to completion. I have a history of playing a key role in my employer’s success, and plan to continue this at TK Elevator.

Thank you Cori!

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