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Unwavering commitment: TK Elevator team makes a hospital in Italy ready for use in just 14 days

After the outbreak of Corona in Italy, rapid assistance is still very much needed. In the heart of the Piemont region in northern Italy, which was severely affected by Corona, the hospital in Verduno has to open much earlier than planned. Capacities for 500 corona patients are to be created. For Enrico Vanni, Installation Manager for Italy at TK Elevator Italia, one thing was immediately clear: He was going to helping! Vanni and his team of nine experts, who come from the region itself, installed the urgently needed elevators within 14 days. In an interview, Enrico Vanni talked about the work at Verduno Hospital and life in the region surrounding Turin in times of Corona.

“With Corona we are all experiencing a pandemic for the first time in our lives,” Enrico Vanni tells us. “Nobody here was prepared for a situation like the one we have in Italy today. Now it’s time to protect what’s left and help each other in a meaningful and reasonable way.”

And that’s exactly what Enrico Vanni and his team did at the end of March at the hospital in Verduno, Italy. The installation of the 30 elevators ordered was scheduled for September 2020, before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. However, given the high infection and mortality rates in northern Italy, the urgency grew to make haste and get the hospital ready for adequate patient and material transport before autumn 2020.

Growing concern for one’s own parents and grandparents

Despite the risk, the dedicated team set about providing medical care for the region and worked at full speed for 14 days.

“For each of us, it was natural to help,” says Vanni. “Some of my friends have already lost their parents or grandparents to Corona.” Such sad news from his own circle of acquaintances would reach him almost daily at the moment, reports the installation technician. “Naturally, I’m also worried about my own parents, who are both over 80 and fall into the risk group.”

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