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Our TK Elevator work culture and mindset make us who we are

How we think. How we work. How we succeed.

Work is not just a place where you go to earn a living. It is a place where you prosper, where you can live up to your ambitions, and where you connect with people you might have never met otherwise. At TK Elevator, it is our mission to keep the world moving. And that also applies to you and your career. Together, we create an atmosphere of collaboration, appreciation, growth and entrepreneurship. We inspire each other to find ways to move ourselves, our careers and our customers beyond the status quo. It is our mission to reinvent the world of urban mobility.

From a young age, I wanted to understand how the world works. At TK Elevator, I define how the world moves.

Vijaya Thippavajjula
Project Lead Software Engineering on the MAX,
TK Elevator

What we offer.

How we show our employees our appreciation.

Safety comes first

In our industry, safety has to take first priority. Always. We are committed to equipping our colleagues with the best tools, gear and training, which keeps them safe at all times. We rely on each and every one to adhere to safety protocols and not to take any risks that would compromise the safety of our colleagues or customers. Safety is so important to us that we have dedicated one of our TKE Principles , which shape our mindset and behavior, solely to this cause. 

A TKE employee is in a training room, leaning against a table. She has a tablet in her hand and is smiling at the camera. Read the text below to learn more about fair compensation and benefits at TK Elevator.

Fair compensation and benefits

Together, we make TK Elevator the successful business that it is. It goes without saying that this ensures fair compensation for everyone and, of course, benefits that are really worth their name. What these look like in detail depends on where you work. As a global company, we follow local regulations and practices. In Germany, for example, we offer our colleagues Christmas and holiday pay, as well as a company pension. In the United States, you profit from great health benefits, and in some Chinese locations we provide shuttle busses to get you to your workplace without a hassle. In locations where collective bargaining agreements are in place, we regularly keep these up to current standards and reach consensus with our workers’ councils. 

A group of TKE employees (three female and two male) is sitting in a modern meeting room. A female employee is standing in front of a large screen showing a co-worker connected online. The employees are talking and looking at each other. In the text below, you can learn more about Global Perspectives at TKE.

Global perspectives and prosperity

The elevator and escalator market continues to see global growth. As cities around the world grow vertically, and more and more people require smooth, automated mobility solutions, we are at the forefront of making technologies common practice that were unheard of just a few years ago. Collaborating across cultures and markets makes us successful and enriches our portfolio as much as our own lives and careers. 

A group of TKE employees walks down a hallway with large windows. In the background you can see an airport. In the following text you will learn more about TKE as a dynamic working environment.

A dynamic workplace

You are ambitious and like to challenge the status quo – and so are the colleagues you will work with, and our entire organization. The best available solution will not stop us from shaping an even better idea for the future. We are inquiring minds who implement large-scale innovation, such as solutions like the TWIN, and incremental, detailed improvements, such as when we tweak processes for better efficiency. This is how we make a difference in the industry and move our careers forward. This is how we move beyond.

The photo shows two TK Elevator employees in a stairwell. The employee on the left side of the picture is adjusting a pair of Holo Lends glasses and explaining their function, the employee on the right is watching and listening to her and smiling. In the following text you can read more about training and development at TKE.

Training and upskilling

We want you to be able to do your best work at TK Elevator and offer a large catalog of trainings and upskilling opportunities. Your manager will work with you to define what will be most beneficial to you, your career and your daily work. We value your ideas and skills, and we want to help you bring out your best.

Six TK Elevator employees of different genders are sitting in a modern segregated meeting area at HQ in Düsseldorf. One female employee stands in front of the group and presents something. The other employees listen to her and look at her. In the following text you can read more about teamwork in a modern working environment at TKE.

Teamwork in a modern setting

We have clearly defined goals at TK Elevator. It takes teamwork to reach those goals, and our teams share in achieving innovation and excellence in everything we do. This is why we love working alongside great colleagues. We find it is more fun, more rewarding and more productive. At TK Elevator, you can rely on your teammates and be sure that everyone pulls in the same direction. We implement modern working models to create an enjoyable workplace. This is how we streive to ensure that everyone can work in a way that suits them best and has the freedom that is necessary to create a satisfactory balance between work and private life.

TK Elevator USA Health and Welfare Plan

The Transparency in Coverage Final Rules require certain group health plans to disclose on a public website information regarding in-network provider rates and historical out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges for covered items and services into separate machine-readable files (MRFs).  The MRFs for the benefit package options under the TK Elevator Health and Welfare Plan are linked below.  To obtain the information, you will need the TK Elevator Employer Identification Number.  Please reach out to the benefits team at benefitsconnect@tkelevator.com for this information.

Our TKE Principles help us hold ourselves accountable to delivering excellent results and shape our TKE identity.

We deliver profitable growth and superior results by clarifying and following a long-term vision, setting ambitious targets and empowering ourselves and other people to follow through

We build trust by being truthful and showing the courage to address real issues

We support and enable each other to be and show our authentic selves, to grow and reach our full potential

We build a safe environment to achieve zero fatalities worldwide

We keep our customers at the heart of the business by being the easiest company to work with and providing exceptional service

We are one TK Elevator with aligned objectives across geographical and functional boundaries

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