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Are YOU the one?

Learning from each other.

Making use of your potential – a win-win situation for all.

TK Elevator champions diversity and, as such, is keen to promote a heterogeneous age structure within the company. Together with you, we want to develop new things and forge new paths. We love the fresh impetus that you, as our career entrants, bring to the company and are eager to capitalize on it, while allowing you to learn from us. During your internship or vocational training program, or on your entry into the company, you will be provided with the tools you need to make a success of your first career phase. We in turn will learn from you and your perhaps unconventional ideas. By creating a mixed age structure comprising fledgling professionals and experienced employees, we create a corporate culture that benefits everyone, both young and old. We encourage and challenge you. And you, us.

Compensation and benefits.

It goes without saying that we offer our employees an attractive salary. We also provide them with a wide range of supplementary benefits, which vary depending on location, position and business area. We serve as an employer in over 60 countries, offering numerous benefits in line with the specific country standards and requirements. In Germany, for example, all our employees receive Christmas and holiday pay as well as a company pension. In the USA, we offer our employees health benefits and, in our large plants China, we put on shuttle busses for our employees to travel to their workplace in comfort, without needing to use public transport. Many of our locations also offer their own canteens. In countries where collective bargaining agreements are in place, we regularly renegotiate these agreements and coordinate important decisions with employee representatives.

Individual development and career opportunities.

Growth in the demands placed on us and our products necessitates growth at TK Elevator. To enable us to jointly tackle the challenges ahead, we offer our employees a range of further training measures by which to develop both professionally and personally. These include regular qualification needs assessment talks and further training programs. Our in-house training provider, “seed campus,” is available on the global training-management system and offers a wide selection of business-specific technical and non-technical training courses for all professional levels and all divisions. TK Elevator employees also have access to a range of learning content.

A cutting-edge work environment.

We know what our customers’ needs will look like in the future and what they will demand of us. We want our employees to be able to perform their work effectively and reliably at all times. Ensuring that they have the appropriate means to do so and enjoy a high level of occupational safety is crucial in this regard. We therefore provide our employees with high-quality equipment that meets modern occupational safety requirements in every respect. We also invest consistently and continuously in technical equipment and training for our employees.

Mutual respect in the workplace.

We believe that teamwork and mutual respect can achieve great things. Indeed, we see it as crucial to TK Elevator’s success that our employees enjoy an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. We value all our employees, both as individuals and in terms of their contribution to our company’s success.

A good work-life balance.

We take our employees’ personal needs seriously and create flexible solutions, allowing them to bring their working and private lives into better balance. These include highly flexible working hours, part-time concepts and general support for employees facing family or personal challenges.

Individual jobs and responsibilities.

We want you to be able to fulfill your potential and perform at your best, and therefore strive to offer you a role and set of responsibilities ideally suited to your skill set. Our job and task descriptions are designed to accurately reflect the challenges that the respective role will later entail. So that you know what to expect. With us, you get not only the job that we promised you, but also a working environment that will challenge you and enable you to grow.

Opportunities for our youngest candidates.

School students.

Are you interested in a specific profession and want to find out whether it is right for you? Our individualized internships for school students enable you to get a taste of what working in your preferred field is like. At some locations we offer short, two-day internships that prepare you for specific formal vocational training programs. These enable you to gain key insights into your future work environment before you submit your application.

You can also opt to begin your formal vocational training program directly and become qualified within your dream profession, be it in the technical/skilled trade or the commercial sector. Our training program managers are always on hand to provide our apprentices with expert, reliable guidance and advice.


Broaden your theoretical knowledge through practice. We offer student internships in a range of different fields. So whether you are studying engineering or business administration, we are sure to have the right internship for you. You can also choose to write your degree thesis on a technical subject relevant to our company. To do this, simply approach us with your suggested subject topic. You may alternatively want to cover theory and practice in equal measure and do an integrated degree after leaving school? This, too, is possible at TK Elevator.


Join TK Elevator upon completing your degree and embark on a successful career with us. We provide you with an extensive induction phase designed to familiarize you with our corporate structures and the respective job area. We also prepare you for future specialist and management positions. Thanks to this procedure, you become a fully-fledged team member in no time, and are therefore quickly able to contribute productively and advance through the tasks and challenges you take on.

Engineer instead of teacher.

Finding my dream job by accident.

“Like so many others, I wanted to go into teaching. But because teaching degree programs were so sought after, I ended up looking around for something else and getting a job with a company specializing in large gear units,” explains Britta Mehring. The 26-year-old engineer has been working on the innovative MULTI elevator system for a good six months now and is delighted with her decision to choose a career in technology over a career in schools.

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